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  • Wildcat Mission Statement

    The Mountain View Learning Community will recognize and support the individual needs of all students. The community will encourage all students to pursue opportunities beyond a high school diploma. The community will empower students to explore their natural curiosity and creativity and will encourage them to become healthy, independent thinkers, lifelong learners, and productive global citizens.


    Wildcat Vision Statement

     The Mountain View High School Learning Community connects with students
    in a high energy, positive environment that values academic integrity,
    personal accountability, and rigor.

Cats on the Prowl

  • Congratulations to The Viewpoint for being recognized by the American Scholastic Press Association for first place in their nationwide competition!


    The following Band students have auditioned and were accepted into the Stafford All County Band; Caroline Bingham, Lucy Cawley, Bradley Dash, Bryce Dash, Alexander Devito, Victoria Evans, Leah Garza, David Gray, Brianna Ivy, Billy Kangas, Joseph Montgomery, Madison Perry, Keegan Petters, Andrew Rojo, Kathleen Ryan, Andrew Sheloski, Noah Tuckwiller, Emma Wood and Michael Woods.  These students will be participating in this event on Friday, December 6th and Saturday, December 7th at NSHS at 3:00 p.m.  Congratulations and good luck on your performances.


    January Student of the Month is Ashlyn Horton  Congratulations Ashlyn!


    At the all county orchestra auditions 12 students from Mountain View auditioned and 10 were selected to participate in the event in January.  Congratulations goes out to Lauren Bristow, Lainey Gish, Paige Doerfler, Kiana Newman, Isabelle Mehochko, Samantha Bates, Kamryn Cajohn, Alexis Garvey, Patrick Salvanera and Faith Gelinas.  Thank you for your hard work and congratulations!


    Congratulations to Catherine Johnson for becoming a Virginia Certified Emergency Medical Technician.  Catherine is enrolled in the EMT III program at CFHS!  Her hard work has paid off....Congratulations!!


    Lauren Wick will be attending the VMEA Honors Choir on November 17th and November 18th and performing with the Choir for the VMEA Music Educator's Conference on November 19th at the Homestead in Hot Springs, Virginia.  Congratulations Lauren on this huge accomplishment!


    Congratulations MV Field Hockey Team! Lily Bryngelson, Breanna Cross, Maggie Hubert, Madison Hyatt, Molly Lynch, Madison Hatcher, Lily Stewart, Yasmine White, Michelle Snow, Nathalie Tortolero, Searra White, Elizabeth Ranberger, Madison Larowe, Riley Gault Sulton, Lillian Tapp, Mackenzie Rivero, Samara Hughes, Mya Tino are our 2016 State Champions!


    The following students were selected to represent MVHS at All-County Honors Choir.  All-County is extremely selective, with only three voices per part being chosen from each school.  Congratulations Sprano 1 Emily Dalton, Megan Flood, Synit Zecarias, Alternate - Megan Langton; Tenor 1 Austin Butcher, Connor Williams, Mitchell Motley; Soprano 2 Lauren Wick, Jenn Polintan, Jennifer Hunt, Alternate - Emma Pierce; Tenor 2 Andrew Vacher, Tom Bush, Riley Dougherty, Alternate - Thomas Zinck; Alto 1 Mackenzie Cush, Catherine Crowell, Chloe Stamper, Alternate - Natasha Petters; Bass 1 Teddy Gross, James Moorehead, Jack Miles; Alto 2 Alexis Green, Mackenzie Phillips, Logan Spreeman, Alternate - Megan Pedigo; Bass 2 Isaiah Lawson, Peter Fulton, Nick Kahane, Alternate - Ben Arbogast.  Best of luck at your performance!


    Congratulations to the following students for placing in the VHSL Media Contest for their advertising designs.  Second place went to Paige Doerfler for the design of MV Athletics ad.  Third place went to Hailey Bullis for the design of the Stealth Volleyball ad.  In addition, The Viewpoint achieved the rating of First Class for the 2015/2016 year!  Way to go Wildcats!





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