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  • Welcome to Forge Drama Productions!

    This is where you will find out all about what's going on in the Forge Auditorium!



Forge Productions

  • Crew List for Rumors/ Is He Dead?

    Rumors Crew-

    • Cooper Crowell- Props
    • Megan Mahoney- Props
    • Gillian Shinskie- Costumes

    Is He Dead? Crew-

    • Brenna Armstrong- Props
    • Catherine Cook- Props
    • Amaya Montgomery- Costumes
    • Sherlyn Lengel- Costumes
    • Taylor Ekanger- Costumes

    Shared Crew-

    • Madison DeMonti- Sound Board Op
    • Pierre Abdalim- Light Board Op
    • Lindsey Dillard- Booth Intern
    • Peyton Bennett- Make-Up
    • Sydney Kaplan- Make-Up
    • Mary Cook- Make-Up

    Thank you all who applied! We will have a brief meeting to go over duties and responsibilities on Monday, March 27 at 2:30. Props crews should expect to stay after school to begin their work.

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  • Rumors Cast List

    Thanks to all who auditioned! Read through Monday 2:45-4:45 PM!

                  Chris Gorman: Loren Moody

                  Ken Gorman: Tristan Polania

                  Lenny Ganz: Andrew Greco

                  Claire Ganz: Elika Nikouee

                  Ernie Cusack: Wesley Wallace

                  Cookie Cusack: Cassidy Sharp

                  Glenn Cooper: Jacob Filipponi

                  Cassie Cooper: Kayla Rush

                  Officer Welch: Lauryn Hobbs

                  Officer Pudney & Ken/Lenny u/s: James Howe

                  Ernie/Glenn u/s: Patrick Oldham

                  Claire/Cassie u/s: Sam White

                  Chris/Cookie u/s: Sophia Dalberg

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  • Is He Dead? Cast List

    Thanks to all who auditioned! Read through Monday 2:45-4:45 PM!

                  Jean-Francoise Millet/Widow Tillou: Jeffery Bare

                  Chicago & u/s Widow: Claudio Manno

                  O’Shaughnessy: Travis Rocha

                  Dutchy: Mary Stanford

                  Bastien Andre: Anthony Piccoli

                  Papa Leroux: Mason Sigmon

                  Marie Leroux: Brielle Melendez

                  Cecile Leroux: Cameron Brown

                  Madame Caron: Keziah Hayward Jackson

    Madame Bathilde: Mattie Gavin

                  Charlie/Monnet: Nate Strobl

                  Thorpe: Julia Wylie

                  Claudia Riviera (French Reporter): Breanna Wade

                  King of France & male u/s: Jack Stafford

                  Empress of Russia & female u/s: Nell Hatton

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    Auditions for the spring plays will be held on March 8th.  Please prepare a 1-2 min comedic monologue and sign up for a time to audition.  Callbacks will happen on March 9th for both plays. 



    There will be a monologue work meeting for anyone interested in auditioning for the Spring Plays on Mar 2, Thurs, from 2:30-3:30 pm

    You can:

    1.  Look for a monologue for auditions.

    2.  Work on your monologue for auditions (with an experienced drama kid, if you'd like)

    3.  Get an audition form.

    4.  Get character info for the spring plays.



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