Welcome to the MBES Student Council Association Page!

    Our SCA Representatives act as the voice for their classmates in leading opportunities to make a difference in the lives of our Bobcat families and in our community. During our meetings, we will share ideas for school and community projects and then vote on activities for the year. Below are a few examples of past SCA projects.


    Spirit Days: Our SCA votes on the types of Spirit Days to have throughout the year to encourage team spirit and appreciation of our school.


    Recycled Art Project: Our SCA members voted to hold this art contest last year to remind all of the importance of recycling and reusing products.


    SockTober: Our SCA led an school-wide initiative tocollect over 1000 pairs of socks and went to a local homeless shelter to donate them.


    Have a Heart for Animals Project: Our SCA led an initiative to collect supplies needed by the local SPCA and was able to take them to the local shelter and learn about the SPCA.


    CANstruction: Our SCA members are invited to be a part of the CANstruction team which competes at the mall to create a structure out of canned goods, which are then donated.


    Bobcat Bundles Project: Two years ago, our SCA members helped to collect books and new blankets to donate to the Thurman Brisben Homeless Shelter.

    We hope you will join us as our SCA continues to lead our school in many exciting initiatives!




     We look forward to another wonderful year of positively impacting our school and community!





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