Welcome to Bobcats School Counseling!

  • Program Iniitiatives

    1. Individual Counseling: Referrals for any counseling service can be made by a teacher or other school staff, parents, or the student.  Individual and small group counseling are short-term, voluntary, and confidential.  Parental permission is obtained prior to any group counseling experience and prior to any extended individual counseling.
    2. Small Group Counseling: Small groups will be offered throughout the year based upon the needs of individual students.  Groups may focus on, but are not limited to building skills in the area of emotional regulation, grief, self-esteem, study skills, and friendship.  Your suggestions of group tropics which may be helpful to your child are always appreciated.
    3. Classroom Guidance: Throughout the year, students will participate in classroom guidance lessons, which will occur every 3 weeks, for approximately 45 minutes.  The guidance lessons are aligned with the Stafford County Counseling Program Standards and often coincide with Stafford County's Word of the Month Program.
    4. Consultation with Parents/Staff: The school counselor provides information and assistance in order to support parents and teachers with the academic, social, and career development of students.
    5. Coordination and Referral Services: The school counselor works closely with the social worker and community agencies to provide support service information and referral services for students and their families.


Meet the Counselors

  • The Counseling Program at Margaret Brent strives to support our administration, teachers, parents, and community in helping all students to reach their full potential as members of society by providing them with a safe and caring learning environment in which to develop their emotional, academic, and social skills, along with a deeper understanding of the community in which they live. 


    Primarily working with K-2
    Email: Duncanls@staffordschools.net 


    Primarily working with 3-5
    Email: hooverls@staffordschools.net 


    K-5, part time (Thurs/Fri, every other Mon)
    Email: smithsr1@staffordschools.net