• Students Must be Healthy to be Educated and Educated to be Healthy!

    Our goal is healthy students in the classroom, ready to learn. We encourage good hygiene at school like hand washing and covering mouths with an arm when coughing, ect.  to eliminate the spread of germs.  Eating healthy foods and drinking lots of water also help our bodies  immune system stay healthy and strong.  Sometimes even when we do everything right, we still become ill.  If your student is running a fever, experiencing vomiting or diarrhea, or has other symptoms that may be contagious to others, please keep your student at home until they are free of symptoms without medication for 24 hours or have been seen by a physician and given a written note that they are able to return to school. 

    If these symptoms develop at school or your student becomes injured while at school, we will contact you to pick your student up from school ASAP.  Please be sure we have the best number to reach you on file as well as a relative or friend who is available to pick up your child if you are unable to do so.

    A complete list of the student services policies are available on the Stafford County web site under Health services.  This will also provide a more detailed explanation of the role of the nurse in the school building and the services that are available and provided to your student. 

    The following first aid supplies are approved to be used in the clinic:  alcohol, antibiotic ointment, bactine, calamine lotion, clear anti- itch gel, chloraseptic spray, first aid cream, hand lotion, isotonic eye wash, saline contact solution. Please contact the school nurse if your student is unable to have any of  the items listed.   

    All medications given in the clinic require a signed order from the doctor and parent, including over the counter medications like tylenol, motrin and benadryl.  All forms can be viewed and downloaded from the link below labeled "Medical forms and Documents. All medications need to be transported to and from school by a parent or guardian.

    Please feel free to call the clinic between 8:00AM-3:30PM, Monday through Friday during school hours with any questions or concerns.  Please copy me in any email sent to your student's teacher regarding any health concerns.  

    For more information, please contact Nurse Stowe via email at stowelk@staffordschools.net  or via phone at 540-681-1137. Thank you!

    Medical Forms & Documents