2023-24 School Hours:


    8:05 am - Doors Open

    8:25 am -  School Begins

    2:55 pm - Dismissal

    ** The office is closed for dismissals from 2:30-3:30pm 


    If you need to pick up your student from the office you MUST pick them up BEFORE 2:30 or AFTER 3:30. This helps ensure the office can be available to staff for dismissal and safely and quickly getting the students home at the end of the day.


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    Changes in Dismissal


    If your student needs to go home in a way different from their normal way, the school office must be notified by the parent. Notice may be sent in through phone call (540-658-6320), email (palotayke@staffordschools.net), or written note. All dismissal changes need to be submitted by 12 pm.


    If your child is going home with another student, both parents must write a note giving permission for the change to occur. Please allow 24 hours for special requests.


    We understand circumstances arise and dismissal needs to be changed sometimes. If a last minute dismissal change needs to be made, please let the office know ASAP. As you can imagine, the end of the day is hectic, and we need enough time to notify all students and teachers/staff of any changes.  We want every student to arrive home safely and on-time, and your help in this matter makes a difference.


    To determine your student’s bus route,  go to https://www.staffordschools.net/Page/16429.



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    Absences need to be reported to the office. For same day absences, you can call the office directly to let us know of the absence and then follow up with a note when they return or you can report the absence on our website. To do this go to the PRES homepage under “Parents” and click on the “Report an Absence” link. Fill in the necessary fields to report the absence and submit. This submission will be considered your note for explaining the absence. We can then enter your child’s absence as excused. 


    Absences can also be reported by email:




    Attendance calls to parents are automated. Unexcused absences will be pulled daily from our attendance system and calls will automatically be sent to parents every morning to make them aware their child is not in school. If your child has a prearranged, excused absence, please let us know by sending in a note explaining the absence as soon as possible. By sending in the note, your child’s absence can be entered as excused and this will help eliminate receiving the attendance call.


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