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       To view Summer Reading Lists, go to "Class Resources."  Remember, the Central Rappahannock Regional LIbrary also has a Summer Reading Program.  All the recommended books are available online via SORA.


     A message from Ms.Lanehart:   In case you haven't heard, I've moved to Florida!  I had been planning this, nothing to do with COVID.  I grew up in Florida and have family in the Jacksonville area, which is where I've moved to.  I have worked at Conway for 6 years and loved it!  I'm going to miss you guys!  I'm sorry I'm having to say goodbye this way.  I will always remember you all with love.  I don't have a job yet but am looking in Clay county, where I live.

    The  good news is that your new librarian next year, Mrs. Melanie Newton, is an "old" Cougar!  Mrs.Newton has been at Conway many years and taught many grade levelks, so a lot of you alreadyt know what a great lady and teacher she is!  I am happy I am leaving you in good hands.  Please keep track of those library books to return whenever we head back to school!

       We now have more ebooks and audiobooks for you to read at home!  Thanks to a generous grant from the Stafford Education Association, the county now has access to many more ebooks and audiobooks through Overdrive, the same platform the public library uses for their online collection.  To try it out, click this link for directions or go to "Class Resources" and choose "Directions. . . SORA/Overdrive":   SORA/Overdrive Directions

       You can take AR quizzes from home right now!  Go to the school webpage, then choose "Library,"  "Departments," "Class Resources," and "AR"  OR under "Students" at the homepage.  Use your same username (lastnamefirstnamemiddle initial) and password (birthday in numbers, ie., May 25, 1966, 05251966).

    Have you read a great book while you're at home?  Fill in the booktalk form on the school webpage (scroll down to the bottom) and submit and I'll post responses.  I've been reading/watching lots of mysteries!

     Hold onto your library books!  Please don't worry about returning books right now!  There are no overdues charged (of course) and we'll let you know when you can return them.  We are preparing to give away FREE BOOKS (which have been in storage since August) at the sites where food is being distributed on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  The closest site to us is Falmouth.  We'll let you know if you'd like to come for some books.  Be awar there will be NO BROWSING, we'll just be handing a bag of books through a car window.  Please use online resources; now is a great time to get familiar if you aren't already.

         We are so lucky to have digital resources avaiable during this challenging time!  

    Parents & Students, remember we have about 100 online ebooks available, as well as World Book Online encyclopedia.  In addition, if you have a public library card, they have many online resources, too.  Here's how:
    To access ebooks from the Conway library:
    1.  go to the school webpage
    2.  Choose "Departments," (top middle of screen)  then "Library" (from list)
    3.  Choose "Class Resources" ( on right)
    4.  Choose "Destiny Discover"  (*on right, top of list:  this is our computer catalog)
    5.  Scroll down to ebooks; you can click on the arrow to scroll through or click "See all"
    6.  You'll need to LOG IN BEFORE you can open an ebook!  For second -fifth graders, log in is the same as for AR,  For younger students who aren't familiar with logging in:
           username:  lastnamefirstnamemiddleinitial (no spaces)
           password:  birthday in numbers, for example, May 25, 1966 would be 05251966
    *  if you have any trouble logging in -- students w/hyphenated or long names may be abbreviated -- feel free to email me at lanehartwl@staffordschools.net.  I'll be checking my email daily
    7.  Simply click on the arrow to "turn" the pages.  If your child is just browsing a picture book, there's no need to "check it out,"   BUT if they're reading a longer chapter book and plan to come back and read more later, they should.  Some books allow multiple users (infinity symbol), but others only allow one at a time.
    8.  Some books have additional features, like being able to read aloud or are interactive.  Click on the menu at the top left (lines) or the toolbar along the top.
    9.  All students grades 3-5 have had a lesson on using ebooks, but don't tend to use them much, so may be a little rusty!
    To access the World Book Online (because this is a subscription, you will need to log in)
    1.  go to the school webpage
    2.  Choose "Departments," (top middle of screen)  then "Library" (from list)
    3.  Choose "Class Resources" ( on right)
    4.  Scroll down to Worldbook Online
    5.  username is conwayes; password is cougars
    6.  "Kids" is for younger students; articles are shorter, easier to read, but less info.  There's even a Spanish version!
    7.  You can even have the articles read aloud by clicking on the speaker icon at the beginning of the article!  Read aloud settings can be changed by clicking on the wheel at the top right (settings).
    To access ebooks at the public library
    1.  You can go directly to librarypoint.org or access the public library website from the school webpage (it's listed under "Class Resources"  --see above)
    2.  Once there, simply scroll down the page to where there are links to their many e-resources.  You will need a library card to access them.
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