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Betty Fitzhugh

You are welcome to "Focus" on this website. My name is Betty Fitzhugh, Focus Resource Teacher at Garrisonville Elementary School. I've been a resource teacher of the gifted the last twenty-seven years of my teaching career. Through weekly pullout group sessions and whole class lessons my goal is to instill in each child a feeling of accomplishment. My hope centers around the desire that the child will discover various routes to success and most importantly nurture the love of learning through the excitement of a challenge, persistence, grit, and the thrill of "victory" when goals are reached. 

Two quotes stand out when I prepare my lesson plans:

"Always listen to children. They might have ideas you've never heard of."

                     ...Alexander Graham Bell

"You see things and say 'Why?' but I dream things that never were and say 'Why Not?'

                     ...George Bernard Shaw

I do appreciate your partnering with me to provide the atmosphere and the encouraging support to help our children be happy, productive, lifelong learners. Thank you for your focus on us! And ...thank you for singing with us!

"A bird does not sing because it has an answer.

           It sings because it has a song."

                      ...Chinese Proverb