• Welcome Musical Hornets!!!

    This year, our students will have a wide variety of musical experiences and opportunities!!


    4th/5th Grade Choir and 3rd-5th Grade Orff Ensemble information will be coming out at the beginning of September! If your child is interested in joining one of our 3 musical ensembles, please look for this packet!


    3rd Grade Recorders start at the end of January! Information will be coming to you closer to the end of 2019!

    4th Grade Recorders start at the end of September! Information will be coming out at the end of August!


    Information regarding CYT@School will (hopefully) be coming soon!


    If you are interested in donating to the music classroom this year, we are in need of the following:



    -Baby wipes (unscented)

    -Expo Markers

    Any donations are greatly appreciated!


    I cannot wait for a new and musical year!!

    Miss Baldassarre :)




    Get in the groove!