Ms. Deborah Abramaitys

Phone: 540-658-6190 ext. 1116


Degrees and Certifications:

Associate Degree in Nursing- 1982 from Brigham Young University

Ms. Deborah Abramaitys






Degrees and Certifications:


Clinic Visits

The nurse is available to see the students during the regular school hours (8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. during regular school days). The nurse is able to take vital signs, check ears and throats, observe for injury and provide symptomatic relief with the following items: 

Alcohol wipes, cough drops, Bactine, antibiotic ointment, first-aid cream, Chloraseptic throat spray, isotonic eyewash, ipecac syrup,Calamine lotion, band-aids, paper tape, Vaseline, hand lotion, saline contact solution, clear anti-itch gel, and condiments.  

The nurse will use her discretion as to when it is necessary to contact a parent or contact. The students may rest on cots for a brief period.  Warm compresses and ice is available as needed. 

Medical exclusions from school  

Please provide current telephone numbers:  home, cell, work and additional contacts that may also discharge your student from school.  If no contact is available, the student will be observed in the clinic for the following medical exclusions. 

  • Nurse’s judgment or parental discretion
  • Fever over 100 degrees
  • Active vomiting within 24 hours
  • Diarrhea within 24 hours
  • Swollen or painful joints from injury
  • Severe earache
  • Suspected contagious diseases (until on treatment for 24-48hrs)
  • Chicken Pox
  • Conjunctivitis (Pink eye) with drainage
  • Pediculosis (head lice) until nit (egg) free
  • Scabies
  • Undiagnosed suspicious rash
  • Injury or illness requiring further medical treatment
  • Suspected substance abuse

 If there is a medical emergency the nurse will attempt to contact you and make any 911 calls as needed for the safety of your child.



In compliance with the Virginia Nurse Practice Act, we do not administer medication and medical treatments without a physician’s order.  (This also includes any over-the-counter medications).  In order to legally comply with school regulations, we need both a parent/guardian signature and a completed physician’s prescription form. This form can be picked up at the front office or nurse’s office.  The physician may fax the order to the school at 540-658-6176, if needed.

Parents are welcome to come to the school and medicate their child if desired.  A new medication form must be completed and be on file at the school for each year prior to any administering of medications/treatments.  All medications must be in their original, labeled container with the student’s name, name of medication and required RX by the prescribing doctor for school use.  An exception is for short-term antibiotic use where the medication bottle prescription may be used as the physician’s order.

It is preferred that students do not transport medication to and from school.   Parents are required to arrange transport of medications. 


The nurse will continue to monitor the immunization status of each student.  Hepatitis B shots are required by the state to be up to date for all grades.  I will contact those students who are delinquent in their shots.  A two week grace period will be allowed for completing the immunization due and then school exclusion will be required .The Stafford County Health Department can administer Hepatitis B shots as well as your physician.  TB assessments will be required for all new students to Stafford County and 7th graders.  The nurse will contact those students who require further follow-up for TB testing.


During September through  November, the clinic will be conducting vision and hearing screenings (Law 22.1-273) of 7th graders.  New students to the County will also be screened within 60 days of entering school.  A notice will be sent to parents if there are any concerns requiring a referral.  The nurse will also test any students whose teacher specifically makes a request.


As the school nurse to the clinic, I am eager to assist students with their health care needs. Please feel welcome to discuss any issues you may have regarding your student and the clinic.

Volunteers are welcome to come and assist in the clinic. School nursing is a great way to get to know the students and to help them to feel good at school.  Healthy students are happy students.