• Amy Zurasky

    Educational Diagnostician

               school bus      Hello!  I am a Virginia State licensed special education teacher (Learning Disabilities). I do not directly work with students anymore, but serve several support roles in my schools. I serve both  Anne E. Moncure  and Hartwood Elementary Schools.  SEC and Eligibility meetings are scheduled on Tuesdays at Moncure and Thursdays at Hartwood.

                            I am part of the Student Education Committee ("SEC") and Eligbility team at each school.  We are a team consisting of a number of educational professionals who meet regarding students and their academic or behavioral concerns. If a student is recommended for educational achievement testing as part of an inital evaluation or triennial evaluation, I conduct the achievement testing and present my findings in a report in the eligibility meeting.  I can  provide ideas for interventions and strategies to teachers and parents in order to support their students' educational needs.

                         If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me: zuraskyar@staffordschools.net