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         In Physical Education, (P.E.), we work on so many things that benefit our students.  From fitness, to basic gross motor skills, to sportsmanship and coopertion, there are plenty of opportunites to practice these concepts during a regular P.E. class.  Since we are on a 6 day rotation, students have P.E. either once or twice a week.  If they only get P.E. but one time in a week, the next week they will have P.E. twice.


         In order for students to have an enjoyable time, we ask that students wear the proper shoes for activity, tennis shoes, yes, boots, flip flops, sandals, no, to name a few.  Comfortable clothes that allow for free movement will help.  We go outside, whenever the weather permits, so being ready with a jacket on cooler days will keep the student warm.


     We encourage all students to participate fully in each class.  If for some reason, he or she, is not able to participate please send in a note for that day.  If the student is not able to participate for more than a week, please have the doctor to write a note explaining what the student CAN do. We like to modify activity when at all possible.  



         It is going to be a great year!!  

    Mrs. MacRae and Miss Carson

    Physical Education Teachers 



  • dog in car     Car Rider Change

         This year in Car Riders, you will be able to purchase your tag for $5.  This is yours to keep and use as long as your child attends Rocky Run Elementary.  No need to give it back.  If the tag is lost, a new tag will need to be purchased.  Please come prepared to pay at Open House.  If a tag is not obtained at Open House, you may fill out the forms to get one. Please see the wonderful ladies in the office.  Put your name, and anyone else you think would need to pick up your child.  Please allow 24 hours to process paperwork.

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Open House September 1, 2016 6-8 pm

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