• Welcome to Rocky Run Elementary's School Counseling Department! 

    Rocky Run School Counseling Program

    School Counseling Mission Statement: 

    The mission of the school counselors at Rocky Run Elementary School is to implement a comprehensive, culturally sensitive, and data-driven school counseling program that supports all students in their academic, career, personal and social development. 

    The mission will be achieved through inclusion of and collaboration with the students, educators, families, and community.  Through advocacy, leadership, and their program, school counselors will support the mission of the school:  “to empower students to be active participants in their learning and understanding.”  Proactive in their approach, the school counselors will strive to create a safe, positive, and empowering environment, enabling all students to achieve academically and to reach their highest potential.

    School Counseling Vision Statement: 

    The students of Rocky Run Elementary School will have the skills to achieve academically and an enthusiasm for school to be life-long learners.  They will have a general knowledge of careers and understand the value of education in helping them prepared for working in the 21st century society.  They will also have the personal and social skills to appropriately address interpersonal and individual situations.  Through the base provided by the comprehensive elementary school counseling program, students are better equipped to build on that foundation in the future so they may reach their potential and contribute positively to their school and community. 

    Program Initiatives

    Individual Counseling: Referrals for any counseling service can be made by a teacher or other school staff, parents, or the student.  Individual and small group counseling are short-term, voluntary, and confidential.  Parental permission is obtained prior to any group counseling experience and prior to any extended individual counseling.

    Small Group Counseling: Small groups will be offered throughout the year based upon the needs of individual students.  Groups may focus on, but are not limited to, such issues as family changes, grief, self-esteem, anger management, study skills, and friendship.  Your suggestions of group tropics which may be helpful to your child are always appreciated.

    Classroom Guidance: Throughout the year, students will participate in classroom guidance lessons, which will occur every 3 weeks, for 30 minutes.  Guidance lessons will most often coincide with Stafford County's Word of the Month Program.

    Consultation with Parents/Staff: The school counselor provides information and assistance in order to support parents and teachers with the academic, social, and career development of students.

    Coordination and Referral Services: The school counselor works closely with the social worker and community agencies to provide support service information and referral services for students and their families.