As like in past years, our school is taking steps to ensure food related activities other than school lunch (i.e. treats for birthdays, classroom activities, etc.) are conducted appropriately and with regard for students and staff with food related allergies. Our school recognizes that the risk of accidental exposure to food allergens can be minimized best by working cooperatively and proactively with our familes and students to provide a safe educational enviroment for everyone.

    Accordingly, food related events such as those referenced above will need to adhere to the follwing guidlines:

    • No home-made goods are acceptable: store-bought only
    • No CAKES, CUPCAKES or similar baked goods of any kind are permitted

    Alternative choices include: Oreos, Rice krispie treats, Popsicles, Chips Ahoy cookies, Ice cream, Dunkin Donuts

    Please see the Peanut/Treenut free lists below for more choices.

    New medication orders must be completed for the 2020/21 school year. A new Diabetic Care Plan, Asthma Care Plan, Anaphylaxis Care Plan and Seizure Action plan must be completed for each new year as well. These forms can be downloaded from the Medical Form page under Health Services.


    Please see below snack list suggestions for snacks and partiy ideas for the classroom!

    Peanut/Treenut Snack List

    Egg Free Snack List

    Gluten Free Food Served In Cafeteria


    Have a GREAT year Bulldogs!!

    Nurse Kaley