• Miss Jen

    Welcome to Preschool 2016-17!  My name is Jennifer Stearns and I am excited to start another school year and meet my new students and thier families.   I feel blessed to have been able to teach and learn from young children for 24 years and counting.  The other members of our teaching team are Claire Ramirez, Maria Ward, and Jen Huff.  Our team is devoted to providing a safe and fun learning environment where children can explore and discover, build friendships, and aquire knowledge and skills that will help them reach their potential across learning and developmental areas.  Our curriculum is based upon the State Foundation Blocks for Four Year Olds.  We offer a variety of learning experiences that inlcude 1:1, small and large group instruction, and a balance between teacher directed and child led/teacher supported lessons.  Our goal at all times is to ensure our children are motivated, engaged and challenged.   

  • Jen Stearns: stearnsjc@staffordschools.net