Hello and welcome to Preschool 2s!!!!!!  My name is Julie, Miss Julie, formally.  I've been teaching ECSE for about 12 years here in VA.  I am originally from Pennsylvania.  I received my BA from Millersville University and my MA from Bloomsburg University.  In Preschool 2s, you will experience a lot of communication in different forms, a lot of smiles, laughing, messy learning and celebrations.  We like to celebrate all the small stuff because that is the stuff that adds up to giant successes. 


    Our schedule of the day is malleable, depending on what our students are drawn to or do not appreciate.  But this is generally what our day looks like:


    9:30- 10:15- Arrive, organized play in the room, IEP data collection

    10:15-10:45-  Motor time on the playground, gym, or OT/PT room

    10:45- 11:00- Snack time

    11:00-11:10- Circle time

    11:10-11:20- Center time

    11:20-11:50- Potty, diapers, organized play in the room, IEP data collection

    11:50-12:00- Pack up and head to buses or cars


    Your babies are our babies too and we welcome open communication.  Please email me or call me with any questions, concerns, suggestions, whatever:  540 373 5454 or krusejb@staffordschools.net 


    We've been busy in Preschool 2s so far!!!!!  Lots of playing, getting to know each other, and beginning to work on IEP goals. 

    Friends playing...     Exploring new toys...   Ball pit fun...


  • Email:  krusejb@staffordschools.net

    School number:  540 373 5454