• The goals of all world language programs in Stafford County Public Schools are drawn from the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning that focus on five aspects of foreign language learning: communication, cultures, comparisons, connections, and communities.

    Meeting Students’ Needs

    Students should consult with their parents and their school counselors to determine when they should begin their foreign language study. The choice of which language to study can be based on personal interests and goals.

    Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

    • French, Spanish, German, Latin and American Sign Language are offered in all high schools. The Advanced Diploma requires two years each of two different languages or a minimum of a three-year sequence in one language.
    • Foreign Language study may begin in 8th grade and students may be granted a high school credit for foreign language courses completed in 8th grade.
    • Advanced Placement Foreign Language courses are available in high schools where the demand is of sufficient numbers.
    • Foreign Language is offered as an after-school or before-school class known as FLEX, Foreign Language Exploratory. Each elementary school that offers this program selects the languages to be taught.

    Parent Involvement

    Parents who have experience traveling or living in another country or who are bi-lingual are encouraged to share their experiences with students to help teachers demonstrate the real-life value of knowing a second language. Homework assignments may be in the form of written or oral practice. Encourage your child to speak the language at home!


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