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  • One World One Night

    Posted by Julie Paterson on 11/21/2017

    One World One Night


    Hampton Oaks celebrated its annual Multicultural Night on Thursday November 16th. The night began with an opening flag ceremony. During this ceremony, flags that represented the diversity of the students of Hampton Oaks were placed in the gymnasium.

     Over six hundred students and family members attended the event which included activities throughout the building. Each activity represented a different area of the world. Families could travel throughout the world by participating in hands-on activities representative of that culture.

     An African storyteller brought along mesmerizing tales. He added to the delight of the stories by engaging students to accompany his story with authentic African instruments.

     In the gymnasium, Columbian and El Salvadorian dancers performed for the audience while families tasted several types of food that represented different cultures. All food was prepared by staff, families, and local restaurants.

     The entire Hampton Oaks staff worked to make the night a successful event once again for families and members of our community.


                                                                              Multicultural Night

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  • Commotion In The Ocean

    Posted by Julie Paterson on 11/17/2017


    Commotion In The Ocean!


                                                    Commotion In The Ocean Lesson

    Rockhill Elementary School makes learning fun and meaningful!  Fifth grade students in Mrs. Black’s science class presented their Problem Based Learning Oceans Unit in the library on Thursday November 9, 2017 to family, friends and guests.  In this unit of study, students were given a scenario and a problem question to solve.  The scenario and problem question for this unit focused around developing strategies to minimize the impact to the ocean environment if the energy resources are developed in the ocean off the coast of Virginia.  To do this, students worked through a number of other questions to help them develop their ideas. 


    The students began their research by brainstorming ideas they would need to know in order to solve the problem.  They created a question map that guided their instruction.  They used technology to explain how energy is transferred in the ocean.  They inquired about what causes waves and tides and explored how the ocean water moves.  They analyzed the relationship between salinity and density and the relationship between depth, temperature, and pressure.  They examined the types of organisms living in the ocean, the different zones they live in, and the characteristics of each zone.  They explored food webs and the transfer of energy within the web beginning with the producers.  Finally, the students researched human impact on the ocean. 


    Once the students had the knowledge they needed to answer the problem question they chose the area of expertise they wanted to specialize in.  They were artists illustrating the ocean zones and organisms found there.  They were engineers developing alternative energy sources that would not harm the delicate ocean ecosystems, other than drilling for fossil fuels.  They used their technology skills to create power point slides in Google classroom to spotlight GIZMOs by Explore Learning, which allowed them to manipulate conditions to best understand tides, waves, and ecosystems.  Other students felt passionate about their stand and wrote persuasive essays.  Finally, some students decided to be the masters of ceremony.  They lead the presentation by creating a power point using Google classroom in which they outlined all of the work being presented that afternoon.  


    This Problem Based Learning Unit was developed through the VISTA (Virginia Initiate for Science Teaching and Achievement) Grant that Mrs. Black was a part of.  Rose Norris of Price Fork Elementary School, Nicole Coldren of Round Hill Elementary School, Crystal Pruett of Highland Park Elementary School, and Brenda Seal of St Paul School developed “Commotion in the Ocean”. 

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  • Iditarod Teacher's Conference

    Posted by Julie Paterson on 10/23/2017

    SCPS teachers learned new ways to motivate their students in all subject areas at the Iditarod Teacher's Conference while weaving through the famous race.  The workshop featured information about Iditarod, dog mushing, dog care before, during and after the race, and STEM connections for students.

                                                                        teacher by Iditarod Trail sign

                                                                        teachers with masks at conference

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  • SCPS Students Win at State Fair of Virginia

    Posted by Julie Paterson on 10/20/2017 2:00:00 PM

    Stafford County High School Culinary Arts students recently entered baked goods in the State Fair of Virginia’s baked goods contest.

    Receiving third place ribbons were Eileen Pospisil (vanilla cupcake with peanut butter frosting), Cayla Baez (sweet potato pie), and  Journe Dunde (rice kirspy cake)

    Second place winners were Keeshon Carter (chocolate fudge) and Makayla Savoie (pumpernickel bread).

    First place winner were Gabby Brown (cinnamon rolls), Jovet Patterson (brownie cookies), Rachel Robinson (banana bread), Leah Clark (peanut butter fudge), Dakota Ratteree (German chocolate cake), Ben Menard (banana chocolate chip muffins), and Rebecca/Maria Scruggs (Nutella and strawberry stuffed rolls).

    Congratulations to all of the winners!


                                            first place ribbon and cake                                                                                         third place cupcakes

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  • Colonial Forge HS Finance Teacher Travels to New York City

    Posted by Julie Paterson on 9/26/2017 10:00:00 AM

    CFHS finance teacher receives award. NASDAQ building in NYC


    Colonial Forge High School Economics and Personal Finance teacher Deborah Ingram will be showcased at the high school on October 3 at 10:45 a.m. until 12:40 p.m. Ms. Ingram was selected by Union Bank & Trust as the 2017 innovation in Financial Education Award recipient. 

    Over 500 students who have participated in the program will be recognized, and a panel discussion of local business leaders will be on hand to discuss how economics and finance affect their businesses.

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