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    clover  March  2020clover

    Second Grade Scoop 

    Curriculum Corner:

    Language Arts:  This month we will be focusing on forming compound words, using prefixes and suffixes correctly to change word meaning, and using dictionaries and indecies to help us determine word meaning.

    Math: Geometry will be our primary focus this month.  We will be learning all about polygons, solid figures, and symmetry.  Please continue to practice basic math facts at home.  Homework may still include practicing double-digit addition and subtraction with regrouping.

    Science: We are beginning to talk about animals, their adaptations and habitats in science. We will be researcing animals from all different habitats and working together to create projects.  Watch for more information about our spring showcase:) 

    Calendar Corner:

    9:  Barnhill Assembly (permission slip is required)

    10:  Chili's Spirit Night

    12:  End of nine weeks

    13:  No School

    16-20:  Spring Break!

    27:  Report cards go home

    bus Watch for more information about our field trip to Braehead Farm in April.  Permission slips will come  home after spring break and the cost will be $11.00.  If you would like to be a chaperone, you MUST be fingerprinted through the county.  Forms were sent home, however, if you need a new form, they may be picked up in the office.

    sun Have a wonderful, relaxing spring break! 














    heart Second Grade Scoopheart

    February 2020 


    Curriculum Corner

    Language Arts:  This month we will continue to work on identifying theme in fiction stories.  Toward the end of the month we will be learning how to use reference materials such as dictionaries, glossarries, and an index.  We will be researching penguins and writing about what it might be like to be President.

    Math:  We have started double-digit subtraction using a hundred chart.  We will be moving into Geometry later in the month.

    Science:  The water cycle and weather will be our focus for most of the month.


    heart Calendar Cornerheart

    7:  Interims go home

    14:  Early Dismissal

    17:  President's Day--NO SCHOOL

    20:  Multicultural Night here at Moncure

    27:  STEM Challenge  Early Dismissal


    heart Watch for more information coming home about our Valentine's celebration.  Children are invited to make valentines for their classmates and we will have a small celebration on Febuary 14th in our classrooms.  If you would like to send in a treat, you are more than welcome.  A list of names will be coming home soon.


    **Our next field trip is scheduled for April 29th.  We will be traveling to Braehead Farm to learn about plant and animal life cycles.  If you would like to chaperone on this (or any) field trip, you MUST be fingerprinted through Stafford County.  A form was sent home in January.  If you need a new form, please pick one up in the office.  

    Please make sure your child is dressed for the weather!  We will go outside whenever possible for recess and PE.  Layers seem to work best!












    tree Second Grade Scooptree

    December 2019/January 2020



    Curriculum Corner


    Reading: We will be reading to identify theme, main idea, and drawing conclusions based on text.

     Writing: This quarter students will generate topics of interest, organize information in writing, and use various sources to locate information for their topic. We will focus on using pronouns, synonyms, and antonyms.

     Math:  Adding double digits will take us through the month of December. We will be looking at data and learning how to make and read graphs. Later in the month, we will begin to talk about geometry and continue with subtraction. Don’t forget to practice those basic math facts at homeJ 

     Social Studies: December will be a month for learning all about economics. We act as producers and consumers to make and buy holiday crafts. As we move into January, we will  learn about many famous Americans.

    THANK YOU for ALL you do for your child!  We hope each and every family enjoys a happy and healthy holiday season!

    Calendar Corner


    4:  American History Field Trip

    5:  Picture Retakes

      20:  Design Challenge Day

    End of 2nd Nine Weeks

      Dec.23-Jan. 7:  Winter Break


      7:  First day back for students

      10:  Report Cards go home

    20: No School

    27:  No School for students

    31:  Student of the Month breakfast


    flake Friendly Reminders

    With our ever-changing weather, make sure your child is prepared to go outside for recess and PE.  Layers seem to work bestJ







    tree November Second Grade Scoop 2019tree

    It is hard to believe we are into the month of November. The holidays will be upon us in no time.  Please take a look at what is to come in second grade this month.

    Reading: Conflict and resolution will be our focus for the next few weeks in reading.  We will also be using text features such as a table of context, index, and a glossary to help us better understand non-fiction books.


    Writing:  We will begin to do a little more writing this month.  Students will understand that writing is a process that includes pre-writing, writing, editing, and sharing. We will learn about commas and where to place them in a friendly letter. Our phonics lessons will continue to focus on long vowel patterns.


    Math:. Continue to practice basic math facts and time to the hour and half hour at home. We will soon be adding double digits and reviewing subtraction strategies.


    Social Studies:  Our unit on first Americans will take us into the month of December.  We will be studying three groups of first Americans including the Powhatan, Lakota Sioux, and the Pueblo.

    **With our ever-changing weather, please make sure your child is dressed to go outside for recess and PE.  Layers seem to work best:)

           Calendar Corner

    5:  No SCHOOL for students

    6:  Veteran’s Day program

    11:  Veteran’s Day:  NO SCHOOL

    15:  Interims go home

    22:  Fall Festival

    25:  Native American projects are due

    27-29:  No School Thanksgiving Break


    **Word of the Month:



    Second Grade Scoop - October 2019


    • Reading: We will continue to focus on character traits and sequencing fiction stories.  We will also be looking at non-fiction books and locating important text features.
    • Writing: We are working on identifying nouns as people, places, and things. We will also be learning about adjectives (words that describe,) and verbs (action words.) We will continue to focus on writing with a main idea sentence and details to support the main idea.
    • Math: Place value and ordering numbers will continue to be a focus in math. We will be rounding numbers to the nearest ten, and reviewing time to the hour and half hour. Please practice basic math facts at home with your child. 
    • Science: We have talked about what a scientist does and how he/she uses the scientific method.  We are now working on a unit about matter.
    • Social Studies: Later in the month we will begin a unit on basic map skills.



    • Oct. 6: Moncure Clothing Sale
    • Oct. 11: Early dismissal -- End of the first grading period
    • Oct. 14: NO SCHOOL for students. Parent teacher conferences begin
    • Oct. 18: Report cards go home
    • Oct. 31: Our 1st STEM challenge (more information to come), & Early Dismissal

    Word of the Month: Responsibility

    Thank you for all that you do for your child! 


    October Second Grade Scoop 2019