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    5th Grade At-Home Learning Week 7
    Choice-Board Week

    Welcome back, Fifth Grade!! Excellent work on the mission last week, Agents! We loved getting to see your hard work!

    Here you will find your choice boards for the week. This is your last choice board for the year!!! You have all been doing great. Keep it up. The links are on the bottom of the page.

    Your silent reading and math facts are separate from the choice board and the mission! It is crucial that you are keeping up your time with reading and basic math facts.
    If you run out of things to do, remember you can always:

    • Do Dreambox to practice math!
    • You can use Gizmos as well! They have lots of activities that do not require any recording sheets! (Math and Science)
    • Read online with Pebblego and PebblegoNex on the library webpage (or onine at one of the Public Library webpages!)
    • Once you have read you can take AR tests! (Through Clever!!)
    • You can be finding new ways to be excellent citizens! Reach out to a friend or a family member; write a note or letter to essential workers; practice the Vital 40!

    5th Graders, remember that you can be earning house points at home! You can do this by reaching out to your teacher and/or by following Vital 40 rules #1 and #40:
    #1.  Be humble.
    #40. Take ownership of your learning


    Have your parents take pictures of you following these rules or doing your work this week and either post it on Social Media and tag Moncure or share it with your teacher!

    As always, let us know if you have any questions. We are here for our Bears!!

    Stay Safe,
    the Fifth Grade Team


    English - Reading Choice Board

    English - Math Choice Board

    Español - Junta de Elección de Lectura

    Español - Junta de Elección de Matemáticas

    فارسی - صفحه انتخاب صفحه خواندن

    فارسی - صفحه انتخاب ریاضی


    Student Daily Assignment Response

    5th Grade Team