• March 27, 2020


    Dear Fabulous Firsties,

    I am so sad I will not be seeing you over the next few weeks, but I hope to stay in touch with you as much as possible. I will be posting daily via ClassTag, so please check there often. Below, I am including some optional digital resources you can access at home. You can also find these resources posted on ClassTag. I hope you find something you enjoy!

    Scholastic Learn at Home



    Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems


    National Geographic Kids


    Storyline Online

    Time for Kids


    Welcome to Miss Fregosi's Woodland Friends Classroom!

    Woodland animals

    Dear First Grade Families,

    I could not be more excited to begin my third year teaching at the wonderful Anne Moncure Elementary and have the privilege of teaching your child. First grade is such an important and special year, and I hope to make it one full of amazing memories and new friends. In my classroom, a kind and caring community is of the utmost importance. I also believe learning can and should be fun! Therefore, children will have many opportunities to explore their interests, engage in hands-on activities, and utilize technology to spark their interest in learning. It is my hope that each child leaves my classroom with a new (or continued) love for learning. Over the course of our year, we will be reading many books together, both for instructional purposes and simply for the fun of it. Please ask your child about their reading adventures! These small conversations will help you gain a glimpse into our day and help to build important oral communication skills. 

    I strongly believe in home-school collaboration and look forward to working with you throughout the year. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I check my e-mail several times throughout the day and love to hear from parents. I have an open-door policy and encourage you to communicate with me as much as possible, even if it's only for a check-in.

    I want to thank you in advance for supporting your child and our classroom. Your support means the world to both myself and the children. Thank you for all that you do! 

    With warm regards,

    Miss Fregosi 

    ** Be sure to check our class resources page for some great free activities and information!