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    Tutoring Schedule starting in January 2024






    In person @ SHS 2:30- 3:30 PM

    Biology (Fields, Johnson) 

    Reading, Writing Support & Study/Organization Support,  (Egbo)

    Algebra I


    Algebra 2 & Geometry (Baumgartner)

    Algebra I

    (Boncich, Mcanany 

    Algebra 2 (Baumgartner)

    Geometry (McAnany) 

    World History I (Miller, Baxter)

    World History II 


    Online Virtual

    7:00-8:00 PM

    Biology (Fields, Johnson)

    Algebra 1, 

    & Geometry (Baumgartner)

    Algebra 2 (Baumgartner)

    World History II (Jackson)

    ESOL & All subjects (Macomson, 


Tutoring schedule
Virtual tutoring schedule
  • SOL Review Resources

    English  history Math   science


  • Testing Schedule

    January 5-February 16, 2024 - SOL Fall non-writing retakes and senior testing needs

    January 22-March 7, 2024 - WIDA Access Testing

    March 4-29, 2024 - Spring Writing WorkKeys for any student needing the Writing SOL in grades 11 & 12

    February 26 - May 17, 2024 - VAAP testing

    April 8-19, 2024 - Senior SOL testing

    April 22-May 17, 2024 - Spring SOL non-writing testing

Testing FAQs

  • What is the purpose of SOL testing?

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    SOL results inform parents and communities about whether students — as individuals and collectively — are meeting the commonwealth’s expectations for achievement in English, mathematics, science and history. SOL tests allow the state Board of Education to identify schools that need assistance and support. The assessments also provide an objective means for measuring achievement gaps between student subgroups and for determining the progress of schools, divisions and the state toward closing these gaps.

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  • How many SOLs are student's required to pass?

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    The number of SOLs the Virginia Department of Education requires students to pass is determined based on the year they entered the 9th grade.

    2017-2018 & Before

    Advanced Diploma: 9 SOLs

    Standard Diploma: 6 SOLs


    2018-2019 & After

    Advanced Diploma: 5 SOLs

    Standard Diploma: 5 SOLs

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  • What's a passing SOL score?

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  • When do students take English SOLs?

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    Students take the End-of-course Reading and Writing SOL or WorkKeys assessment in 11th grade. 

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  • When do students take History SOLS?

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    History SOLs are offered for World History and Geography I, World History and Geography II, Virginia and United States History, and World Geography.

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  • When do students take Math SOLs?

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    Math SOLs are offered for Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II. 

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  • When do students take Science SOLs?

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    SOLs are offered in Earth Science, Biology, and Chemistry. 

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  • Meet Your Testing Coordinator

    Mrs. Jacinda Patishnock


    Before becoming the SHS Testing Coordinator, I was the ITRT at Shirley Heim Middle School.  I've been with SCPS for over 16 years.




    • Leadership Cohort, Longwood University
    • M. Ed, Instructional Technology and Design, University of Mary Washington
    • BS Education, Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania


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