• Mountain View High School’s Core Values/Beliefs:  

    Learners, Community, Global Mindedness, Diversity, Integrity  

    Mountain View High School’s Vision:  

    The Mountain View High School Learning Community connects with students in a high energy, positive environment that values academic integrity, personal accountability, and rigor. 

    Mountain View High School’s Mission: 

    The Mountain View Learning Community will recognize and support the individual needs of all students.  The community will encourage all students to pursue opportunities beyond a high school diploma. The community will empower students to explore their natural curiosity and creativity and will encourage them to become healthy, independent thinkers, lifelong learners, and productive global citizens.

    School Improvement Plan

    Our School Improvement Plan is a working document and will be assessed every 45 school days. Townhall meetings to discuss the school's goals and our progress will be held quarterly and all Mountain View stakeholders are invited. Please view our entire school improvement plan here:

    School Improvement Plan 2023-2024