School Counseling Department: 
    Mrs. Lakisha Ireland and Mrs. Stephanie Gibson
    Thank you for visiting the School Counseling Department Page.

    The counseling department will offer monthly classroom lessons focusing on teaching children about good decision making and good character. We also have lessons about study skills, conflict resolution, friendship, and social skills. Please ask your child what they have been learning about during guidance. 

    If you need to come in to speak with one of the counselors, please call first to set up an appointment so that we can take the time needed to meet with you.  We work with students individually to address issues as they arise during the school year. Parents are welcomed to seek our assistance if your child needs some extra counseling support. Our schedules stay extremely busy, and we want to be available to you to discuss your concerns.  You can also email us at the addresses listed on this web page. Thank you!

    There are three major components of the counseling program at Anthony Burns Elementary:

    Classroom Guidance:  Classroom guidance is taught approximately every 4 weeks in all classrooms.  Classroom lessons may include topics such as bullying, test taking skills, and conflict resolution.

    Small Group Counseling: Small group sessions are held once a week, during the school day, for approximately six weeks.  Various groups are offered throughout the year. Topics may include anger management, confidence building, friendship, changing families, deployment, and others based upon needs in the school. We typically ask for parent permission for a student to join a group. If there is a particular group in which you would like your child to participate, please contact one of us.

    Individual Counseling:  Individual counseling is available for students experiencing a particular concern.  Counseling in the school is offered on a short-term basis, and primarily is designed to help children cope with specific issues. Parents and/or teachers may recommend a child for individual counseling. Permission is required for children to receive counseling services on a regular basis. However, children have self-referral slips if they wish to meet with a counselor occasionally during the school year. As professional school counselors, we believe that children have the right to confidentiality. However, we will always keep the best interests of the child first, and we use our best discretion when informing parents of information shared in counseling.