• Lunch Account Information

    Prepayment of meals may be made weekly or monthly for breakfast, lunch, and a la carte items. If your child does not eat a meal, the money is held in his/her account. You DO NOT forfeit it. This is an easy way for you to plan your budget and it speeds the payment process so your child can sit down quickly to a nutritious, tasty and fun school meal. Prepayments are taken at the beginning of the school day. Your child's cafeteria manager will be glad to assist you in any way she/he can. Prepayment by check including your child's name and account number is preferred. Parents may check child's account balance by calling the cafeteria manager at 540-658-6340.

    Charging lunch is a privilege and should be used only in an emergency. Notices sent home to parents are expected to be repaid the next school day. Only one (1) charge is permitted. No further credit will be extended. A la carte items (ice cream, cookies, etc) may not be purchased until the charge is paid. The treat money will be applied to the charge. Elementary and Middle schools students may purchase A la Carte or extra food items only after the purchase of a lunch. This is to prevent students form purchasing for example, three orders of french fries and nothing else. Dessert is $.35 extra with a lunch. However, free dessert at lunch coupons will be given the last day of the week to all students who purchased breakfast at school.