• Volunteers

    We welcome and encourage volunteers in our school! We have volunteer parents helping in the classrooms, in the library, for clerical duties, and for a wide assortment of special projects. If you are interested in being a volunteer on a regular basis, please stop by the office for information or contact a member of the PTA board. Parents who wish to volunteer in their child's classroom should contact their child's teacher to set up a scheduled time.

    Visiting a Classroom

    Parents are welcome to visit in our classrooms. However, please do not drop in for an impromptu visit. An unexpected visitor distracts both the children, teacher, and interrupts the flow of the lesson. If you wish to schedule a classroom observation, it must be arranged in advance with the building principal/designee per SCPS Policy 9105. Everyone, including you, will be more comfortable if you are expected. All parents must always report to the office before going to a classroom. This is school board policy. Signs to that effect are posted at the entrance to the school. 

    Parent participation as chaperones on field trips

    We often ask a few parents to accompany a class on a field trip to provide more supervision for the children. We encourage parents to participate in this way because it is usually a delightful experience for all involved. Parents who chaperone field trips sometimes ask if they can bring younger children along with them (e.g., bring along their 3 year old child). Regretfully, we do not allow this practice. We have found that younger children are not up to such a long day and sometimes have no interest in the activities. Additionally, the parent must spend time and attention on their own child, and cannot be much help with the classroom children. If you would like to be a chaperone on a class trip, please make other arrangements for your younger children.