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    Due to a recent change in the Android privacy policy, Android Users will need to follow steps to continue to receive Student Scan and/or Delayed Bus notifications. 

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  • Please use Versatrans e-link to check your student’s bus assignment daily. As efficiencies are made, arrival/departure times and bus stop location may change frequently. To access Versatrans eLink, please use the student Id number as the login and the student’s date of birth (numerals only) as the password (mmddyyyy).

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Transportation Services

  • Online Inquiry System

    For assistance with bus stop information, changes or any school bus related issues, please use our online inquiry system Issuetrak. Our office will address the issue and follow-up with you as soon as possible.


    When addressing any school bus transportation issue, please provide the student’s name, bus route number, and the school the student attends. Having this information greatly assists us in responding to your inquiry.


    Pupil transportation safety is shared responsibility between the Stafford County School Board and the Virginia Department of Education. Our school board is responsible for establishing local pupil transportation policies and employment of staff. The Virginia Department of Education is responsible for the development and implementation of state laws and regulations, standards, practices and procedures to promote the safe transportation of public school pupils to and from school and school-related events.  

    The Stafford County Public Schools Transportation Services Department administers the pupil transportation safety program for the school board. We transport over 19,000 students to and from school each day covering 277 square miles between 33 schools and centers throughout Stafford County. We also transport out of division placed students with special needs from the Washington, DC border to Richmond. In addition to home-to-school bus services, we also provide transportation for field and athletic trips, late (activity) bus shuttle services, and any other transportation services needed to support the academic achievement of Stafford County Public Schools students.

    We operate a fleet of 306 school buses, five multi-function school activity buses (MFSAB) and nine transportation administrative support vehicles. Our school buses and MFSABs average over 27,500 miles daily adding up to approximately 4.8 million miles annually.


    Our vision is to serve as the model pupil transportation program for the Commonwealth of Virginia and the nation through the execution of student focused, standards based pupil transportation services which enhances the educational experience of our students, our schools and our community.


    Our mission is to provide safe and efficient school bus transportation for all eligible students of Stafford County Public Schools.

Contact Us

  • Address

    Main Office
    50 Transfleet Drive
    Fredericksburg, Virginia 22406

    Training Center
    42 Blackjack Road
    Fredericksburg, Virginia 22405

    Building Hours:
    7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
    Monday thru Friday, excluding division holidays.


    Office: 540-373-6095
    Fax: 540-374-4861

    Dispatch Hours:
    5:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
    Monday thru Friday on days that school is in session.