• Science Instruction

    Mission Statement

    To continuously enhance the quality of science teaching and learning in Stafford County Schools so that our students will excel in science and continue to grow to become scientifically literate students.

    Science Goals

    • Improve student achievement through dynamic standards-based science instruction.
    • Continue annual chemical hygiene training to every science instructor for facilitation of safe science laboratory experiments.
    • Engage parents in education programs designed to inform them about the importance of science education to All century skills and careers.
    • Ensure each school has adequate science instructional materials and equipment.
    •  To continually review and revise the science program based on new developments in science education and on research regarding how students learn

    Our Goals are designed to assist students with their development of critical thinking skills as found within SCPS C5W

    Science Standards

    In 2022-2023, the Virginia Department of Education will begin assessing the adopted 2018 revision of the K-12 Science Standards of Learning and exam format. The Revised Standards of Learning are evidence/research based and vertically aligned so that all students are prepared to succeed in our global economy and society. Due to these changes, some content may be in different grade levels.  Stafford County students (past and present) scored among the highest in the state in many categories; each year our teachers again challenged each student to achieve excellence through dynamic instruction. Unlike previous SOL exams, the new rigor level of the exams will “better prepare students for the challenges they will face in the next grade, during the first year of college and in the 21st-century work force and global economy”. SCPS students are receiving excellent instruction by dedicated teachers who are willing and capable of ensuring your students success. 

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