English Department

  • Department Chair: Aaron Tlumack

    The High School English Curriculum is designed to produce individuals who read with comprehension, think critically, work collaboratively, and communicate effectively through writing and speaking. The curriculum concentrates on six areas of instruction for all students: oral language, reading and literature study, writing, research, vocabulary study, and media literacy.

    The high school English courses provide students with opportunities to develop and extend all aspects of literacy through a sequenced study, application, and practice of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing skills and processes. Each course level includes reading of nonfiction, and the study of literature from every genre: short story, essay, poetry, drama, and novel. Instruction in both reading and writing at every grade level incorporates skills for acquiring new vocabulary and for applying the standard spelling, punctuation, and grammatical conventions of English. Advanced Placement Literature and Composition and Dual Enrollment English, both offered in Grade 12, invite students to seek college credit through meeting the challenge of a rigorous course of study. Beginning in the Grade 10, students may also choose to apply and develop their skills through the English elective offerings of Journalism, the school newspaper production course; Photojournalism, the yearbook production course; Creative Writing, the literary magazine production course; and Oral Communication.   In every English course, students are engaged in making connections among all academic content and their real lives. Students will take the appropriate Virginia Standards of Learning Assessment their Junior Year.

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