• English Department 

        The Stafford English Department offers core language arts courses for grades 9-12, as well as a variety of specialized courses and electives. Our courses focus on the essential skills of reading, writing, research, communication, and media literacy.

         English 9-10 provide a survey of literary genres and styles. English 10 features a global view through World Literature. English 11 studies American Literature. English 12 explores British and European Literature.

         For advanced studies, we offer Honors English 9-11, AP Language and Composition (grade 11), and AP Literature and Composition (grade 12). Twelfth grade students also have the option of taking a Dual Enrollment course to earn college credit through Germanna Community College.

         We encourage students to consider English elective courses as well! Our Creative Writing and Oral Communication classes guide students to find their own voice and style as speakers and writers. The Creative Writing classes publish works in our award-winning literary magazine: Native.

         Our award-winning Journalism and Photojournalism programs are an exciting way to apply reading, writing, and communication skills to the real world. The Smoke Signal newspaper keeps up with the fast-paced pulse of SHS student life, while the SHS Yearbook commemorates the year with style.


    Ms. Alter: English 9, English 10

    Mr. Andrews: DE English

    Mrs. Battista: AP Language, Honors English 11

    Mrs. Blignaut: English 11, English 12

    Mrs. Carafiol: AP Literature, English 12

    Mr. Denlinger: Journalism, AP Seminar & Research, English 10

    Mrs. Freeman: Honors English 9, English 10

    Mr. Marvashti: English 10, English 11

    Mrs. Player-Gibbons: English 9, English 10

    Ms. Rampey: Honors English 9, English 9

    Ms. Smith:  Reading Across the Content Areas

    Mrs. Stroud: Honors English 10, English 10, Creative Writing

    Ms. Stuebner: Honors English 11, English 11, Oral Communication

    Ms. Tarr: English 10, English 12

    Mrs. Wetzel: English 9, English 11

Last Modified on September 29, 2020