• The Business and Marketing Department

    Business and Marketing Education is a program of study whose purpose is to provide students with the skills, attitudes and competencies to be successful in post-secondary study, the workforce, and as adult consumers. Students begin to learn the knowledge and skills in finance, marketing, management, entrepreneurship, accounting, communications and business technology. A comprehensive business and marketing education program in conjunction with academic study will most effectively prepare a student for lifelong success.

  • Department Staff

    Mr. Ayers - Economics and Personal Finance, CIS

    Ms. Baker - Marketing, Sports and Entertainment Marketing

    Mrs. Bolton - Accounting, ITF, Keyboarding, Cybersecurity

    Ms. Edyvane - Economics and Personal Finance

    Mrs. Pennock - Economics and Personal Finance, COE

    Ms. Stevens - Business Law, Design Multimedia, Keyboarding

    Mr. Sweazey - Programming, Adv Programming

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