• Science Department

    Mission Statement:

    To continuously enhance the quality of science teaching and learning in Stafford County Schools so that our students will excel in science and continue to grow to become scientifically literate students.

    Course Offerings

    Earth Science
    Anatomy & Physiology
    AP Environmental Science
    AP Biology
    AP Chemistry
    AP Physics I
    AP Physics II

    Science Department Teachers

    Basista, M: AP EnvironmentalScience & Earth Science

    Belman, F: Biology, Anatomy & Physiology

    Birk, J: Earth Science, Geology

    Calleson, F:  Biology

    Gayle. L: Earth Science & Ecology

    Hughes, J: AP Biology, Biology & Ecology

    Kelsey, J: Biology & Honors Biology 

    Leonard, L: Earth Science

    Ludington, S: Earth Science & Oceanography

    Maffia, L: Biology

    Mosser, V: AP Physics 1 & Physics

    Neff, W: Chemistry

    Rossi: AP Chemistry, Honors Chemistry & Chemistry




Last Modified on September 29, 2020