Medication/Treatment Administration

  • In compliance with Stafford Schools policy, we do not administer or supervise prescriptions or over-the counter medications nor medical treatments without a physician's order and written parent /guardian permission.  The first dose or administration of any medication or treatment should be done at home.  A new permission form must be completed annually and on file at the school clinic  for any medication/treatment administered at school or during school activities. The most frequently used health care plans and the medication /treatment forms are on the Health Services Forms Link at the top of this page.Individual arrangements need to be made for transporting medication to and from the school. It is preferred that students do not transport medication to or from school. All medications must be presented in their original pharmacy container with the student's name, name of medication, name of prescribing physician, and dosage with beginning and ending date. This medication must be accompanied by a physician's medication order and parental permission for administration.

    Medications/treatments for after-school activities (such as sports) and field trips must also follow the above guidelines.  We are willing to accommodate your student's health needs but would need prior notice for activities after school and field trips.  Please contact the school nurse at your student's school to arrange for these needs in advance. All medications/supplies must be picked up by parents by the last day of school or they will be discarded by school personnel.