Non Employee Student Transfer Process

  • The in-county student transfer window for the 2022-23 school year closed on July 8, 2022. 


    How to Apply:

    2022-23 School Year: After-the-Deadline applications may be considered for the following extenuating circumstances:

    • An unexpected change required for Child Care arrangements (document situation and why daycare is not available in your zone)- Attached Child Care Verification Form
    • Specific medical, emotional or adjustive needs - Attach professional documentation from doctors, psychologists, etc. 
    • A family move within the division occurs due to circumstances such as foreclosure, death of a family member, job loss, etc. 
    • A family relocates to Stafford County after the deadline and needs to transfer for child care (document why daycare was not available in attendance zone - attach Child Care Verification Form), curricular program, etc. 
    • Situations involving bullying or the student is the victim of a violent crime
    • The placement of a sibling in a school for special ed. services and the parent requests to place all children in the same school
    • Other extenuating circumstances (extreme family hardships)

    Please contact the school you wish your child to attend.  The schools will review your situation and provide you with a transfer form if your request meets the criteria. 

    Note: Transfer requests to the closed schools will be denied.

    Note: Stafford County Public Schools does not provide transportation for students attending schools on an approved transfer.