We at Ferry Farm understand the importance of attendance for student achievement. Students are encouraged to report to school and be ready to go at 7:45 AM and remain in school until dismissal 1:55 PM. 
    As required by state law, the school will try to contact the parents of students who are absent from school. If your child is going to be absent, please call the office in the morning to report the absence. You also have the voice mail system abailable to you when the office is closed to report an absence.
    When your child returns to school, he/she should bring a written excuse from you or a physician. Please make sure your child’s name, date of absence, reason for the absence, teacher’s name and your signature are included on the note.

    If your child accumulates more than five unexcused absences you will be contacted by the school to help improve your child’s attendance habits.




    Please check you child’s report card each nine weeks to verify the accuracy of the attendance information.


    For students arriving at school after 9:00 A.M., parents are required to bring their child into the office to sign in and receive a tardy slip.


    “When a student returns to school, following an absence, the student’s parent or guardian shall either advise the school in writing of the reason for the student absence or accompany the student to school to explain the reason for the absence. Whenever a student is absent from school for three (3) consecutive schools days, or for a total of five (5) school days per month, or seven (7) per calendar quarter, and the school has not been notified of the reason for the absences in a timely matter, the school will notify the attendance officer promptly. The attendance officer will make reasonable effort to reach the parent. Should the situation continue to be unresolved, the attendance officer will, on behalf of the school system, initiate contact with the appropriate legal agencies to ensure that Virginia’s compulsory school attendance law is upheld”
    (Source: code of Virginia, Section 22.1-258)