• Instructional Environment
              In an effort to provide the best education for your child, we are very protective of every minute of our instructional day.  Every minute is important and any interruption, no matter how short, takes away from teaching and learning time. Unless it is an emergency, we encourage all parents to leave their children in the classroom until 3:40 pm. It is very disruptive to classroom instruction and the education of every child, when children are taken out of class before dismissal.

            Also, of importance to us is the safety of all our students while in school or on school grounds.  The current dismissal process has caused concerns regarding the safety of our students during dismissal. Traffic conditions have become unsafe for our students who walk home or ride their bikes in the neighborhood.
           For instructional purposes and the safety of our students, they will be released for office pickup only if you have pre-planned with the main office or the administration to do so before 12 noon.  We are requesting that parents who are picking their child up after 3:10 follow our procedure of using the car rider loop for the 3:40 release of all car riders.  Our walkers/bike riders will be dismissed from school after 3:55.  We know this is a change for Ferry Farm Elementary; however the traffic in front of the school has become a concern for many parents, our student walkers/bike riders who live in the neighborhood, and our bus drivers.  After much discussion, we believe it is a change that is needed to provide a safe route home for our students and limit distractions to the academic setting.  
           If you need to have your child dismissed prior to 3:10, you will need to park in the front parking lot, NOT the car rider line, and you must sign him/her out in the office. The front office will call your child to the office to be dismissed.  At 3:10 the front office doors will be closed in order for the main office to have an uninterrupted dismissal process.   Again, if it is after 3:10, the procedure will be for you to utilize the car rider loop.  Your child will be released to the car rider loop at 3:40. 
           We appreciate your understanding and help in keeping ALL Ferry Farm students safe!  Thank you for all of your help in this area and for all of the support you provide for your children to be safe and to learn as much as possible here at school!