• Visitors and Office Pickup/Dismissal

    In an effort to provide the best education for your child, we are very protective of every minute of our instructional day.  Every minute is important and any interruption, no matter how short, takes away from teaching and learning time.  Unless it is an emergency, we encourage all parents to leave their children in the classroom until 3:40 pm. It is very disruptive to classroom instruction and the education of every child when children are taken out of class before dismissal.
    VISITORS:  All doors at Ferry Farm will remain locked at all times during the school day to ensure the safety of our students.  In the past, the front doors remained open for visitors to enter the building.  You will notice a new security system has been installed this summer that allows us to keep the front doors locked at all times.  Visitors will now push a door bell located outside the main entrance to request entry.  Once our office staff approves that you may enter, we have the ability to remotely unlock the front door.  After entering you must still obtain a visitors pass to be in the building.  The safety and security of your children have always been a priority and the new system provides us an additional measure to do so.
    OFFICE PICKUP:     In the afternoon, students will be released for office pickup only if you have pre-planned with the main office or the administration to do so before 3:10.  If you are picking your child up after 3:10, the procedure will be for you to utilize the car rider loop for the 3:40 release of all car riders.  If your child is a walker dismissal will be at 3:55.  We know this is a change for Ferry Farm Elementary and that the traffic to turn on Ferry Road is a concern for many parents.  However, after much discussion, we believe it is a change that is needed to limit distractions to the academic setting.  If you need to have your child dismissed prior to 3:10, you will need to park in the front parking lot, NOT the car rider line, and you must sign him/her out in the office. While you are signing your child out, the office staff will have your child sent to the office immediately for dismissal.  At 3:10 the front office doors will remain secured and entry will be denied in order for the main office to have an uninterrupted dismissal process.   Again, if it is after 3:10, the procedure will be for you to utilize the car rider loop.  Your child(ren) will be released to the car rider loop at 3:40. 

    How can you help? 

    •Please send your child to school each day with all of the necessary materials – lunchbox, lunch money, homework, assignment book, etc. 

    •Have your child in school no earlier than 8:35 and no later than 9:00 AM.

    •Teachers are very busy at the start of the day.  Some parents ask if they can just “pop in” for a minute.  It is very difficult for a teacher to give you the attention you deserve and take care of the needs of 20+ students at the same time.For this reason, we ask that you allow your child to walk to class without an escort in the mornings.

    •If your child is a car rider in the afternoon, please do not request that we interrupt class instruction to call your child before the end of the day.  Unless it is an emergency, we encourage all parents to leave their children in the classroom until 3:40 pm. 

    •Please pre-schedule conferences with your child’s teacher via email or note. 

    Thank you for all of your help in this area and for all of the support you provide for your children to learn as much as possible here at school!