Middle School Program

  • Program Description:

    The Middle School Program provides short-term educational opportunities for middle school students (grade 6-8) who benefit from a non-traditional educational setting as determined by a school team. The program also provides short-term educational opportunities for students who have been long-term suspended or expelled from school. The program is staffed with two licensed Middle School Teachers who provides instruction in the four core academic areas. The program also has a licensed middle school Special Education Teacher. Transportation is provided from the student's regular bus stop, as well as textbooks and classroom materials. Progress reports and report cards are distributed in accordance with the Stafford County school calendar. There is a breakfast and lunch program that is available. 

    Note: While your student is attending the Middle school Program, students are not allowed on any other school property except under extenuating circumstances when pre-approved by administration.Intake Process: 
    If your student has been referred to the Middle School Program please call to schedule an intake appointment at 540-286-8985.  At least one parent/ guardian must attend the meeting along with the student.  The sooner you call, the sooner your child can get back in school. So we recommend that you call right after your hearing with Ms. Lisa Boatwright.



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