Gang Prevention


    Keeping Our Schools Safe from Gangs


    Today many communities—maybe even yours—are facing serious problems with gangs. As a member of the community, you may feel helpless against gangs, but there are things that you can do, in conjunction with the authorities, to prevent or reduce gang problems. And as a parent, there’s a lot that you can do to keep your children from joining gangs.

    Kids witness violence at younger ages than ever before from TV, magazines, newspapers, and video games. They may think violence is the way most people solve problems and may use violence themselves when they get older.

    Violence and the threat of violence in schools effects kids in many ways. It may cause them to feel angry, helpless, or scared, which can lead to:

    • Staying home from school or skipping classes.
    • Having difficulty concentrating on schoolwork.
    • Being less eager to participate in class.
    • Wanting to change schools.

    When young people feel hopeless and powerless, they may choose violence as a way of:Coping.

    • Gaining control and power.
    • Expressing anger.
    • Resolving a conflict.
    • Solving problems.