Gang Associated Crimes


    1. Extortion: Some gangs require shop owners to pay "protection”. When shop owners fail, members resort to violence.
    2. Shoplifting: Often used as an initiation tool to test bravery and ability not to get caught.
    3. Assault and Harassment: Gang members often threaten and intimidate residents in their “territory". Witnesses who report a gang crime or testify against a member may be assaulted or killed. These scare tactics are also used to recruit new members.
    4. Rape and Sexual Assault: Gang members use rape and sexual assault as a form of power and control within the gang or as part of initiation.
    5. Drug Dealing: Due to strict laws on drugs, gangs have opened up black market drug operations. Gangs recruit children as young as 8 to “deal” and carry drugs to avoid the arrest of older members.
    6. Drive-By Shooting: Gangs, seeking revenge, may shoot in the vicinity of a rival gang’s territory. These shootings are responsible for numerous murders of innocent bystanders.
    7. Grand Theft Auto & Carjacking: Members steal vehicles to commit a crime they cannot be connected to. Car owners, especially in carjacking, are often victims of assault and murder.
    8. Destruction of Property: Through vandalism, graffiti, and, breaking and entering, gang members destroy public and private property to show their power over rival gangs or communities.
    9. Gun Trafficking: Gangs are involved in arms trading and are heavily equipped with handguns, semi-automatic rifles, uzis, AK-47s, bombs, grenades, and more.