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Common Gang Symbols and Dress Code

  • Common Gang Symbols Used In Graffiti/Tattoos

    • Crosses
    • Eyes 
    • Pyramids
    • Swords
    • Hooded Figures
    • Rabbit’s Heads
    • Swastikas
    • Halos
    • Crowns
    • Dots
    • Devil’s Head
    • Shield/Crest
    • Top Hats
    • Gloves
    • Knight’s Helmets
    • Diamonds
    • Snakes Shotguns
    • Torches
    • Eagles
    • Crescent Moons
    • Dollar Signs
    • Spears
    • Dice
    • The number 7
    • Suns
    • Hearts


    Gang Dress Code

    This list is for both males and females, but is not limited to gangs; many are just fads. Gang members mainly dress in 2-3 colors.

    • Hats and baseball caps with certain names and initials of gang, worn backwards, tilted, certain colors, etc.
    • Bandanas worn around arms, legs, head, or out of pocket.
    • “New Wave Star” sheet/shirt worn over hair and hangs down the back.
    • Hair, facial hair, and eyebrows shaved, shaved symbols, color streaking, comb placement.
    • Professional sport team jackets sometimes reversed, names, initials, or logos the same as the gang, baggy or combat-style clothing, sweatshirts layered in colors, sweaters gang name, symbols, colors, T-shirts with gang symbols.
    • Colored fabric inside pants pockets. Pant legs or shirt cuffs rolled up, certain leg, certain arm, gang’s colors.
    • Pagers, cellular phones.
    • Belt buckles custom made or with gang initials, worn on certain side of pants.
    • Gym shoes, certain name brands, same initials of gang, shoe or roller skate laces tied on a certain side or color combinations.
    • Gloves, fingers cut out or worn on a certain hand.
    • Fingernails with 2 nails painted gang colors on presenting hand.
    • Tattoos and branding of gang symbols.
    • Business cards or school I.D. with gang name, colors, turf, etc.
    • Jewelry with symbols for the gang, earrings in specific ear, color, or number, excessive amount of gold jewelry, teeth, friendship beads, jelly bracelets, Claddagh rings.