Most Schools are Safe


    Contrary to recent events, schools should not be singled out as particularly dangerous spots in a community. However, some schools do have crime and violence problems, which have the potential to endanger children and educators.

    Consider these facts:

    • Juveniles are at the highest risk or being the victim of a violent crime in the 4 hours following the end of school day, roughly from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
    • Students are not any more likely to be victims of violence at school today than in years past.
    • Students in high school may be more vulnerable to dangerous school crimes than younger students.
    • Nationwide, 4% of high school students missed at least 1 day of school in the past 30 days because they felt unsafe at school or when traveling to or from school.
    • School crime and victimization of students can be directly traced to the presence of gangs and drugs.
    • The most common school crime against both students and teachers is theft.
    • Schools play an important role in helping to prevent violence, but should not be expected to reduce violence in the entire community.
    • School safety is most effective when school wide policies and practices address the needs of students, school personnel, the community, and the school grounds.

    Plan a Safe School

    Some precautions Stafford County Public Schools have created to maintain a positive and welcoming climate, free of gangs and intimidation are as follows:

    • Established a school-community partnership with PTO/PTA’s, businesses, Sheriff’s Office, Department of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services, Homeowners Association, etc.
    • Stafford County Public Schools and the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office sets goals and objectives to curtail gang activity in schools such as education, reporting, detention and legal prosecution of violators.
    • Stafford County Public Schools and the Stafford County Sheriffs Office continue to identify and implement new programs and strategies to deter gang activity.
    • Stafford County Public Schools and the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office identify and evaluate violence problems and strategies in the school environment.