IB Parent Boosters

  • Why be an IB Booster?

    IB Booster Benefits

    • Connect with IB Coordinator for key information
    • Network with experienced IB parents
    • Receive guidance on college application process
    • Get the facts on IB and college credit
    • Provide recognition and resources to IB students

    Join us! Share your great ideas for making IB a wonderful experience for our IB students, lend a hand with our support efforts, or just come to learn more about the IB Programme.

    Meeting dates and details are shared via email and on this page.

Booster Meeting & Event Dates/Topics

  • UPDATED March 31, 2020 -- obviously all of these have been either cancelled or postponed.  More on all of these later -- at least you can get an idea of what we WOULD HAVE been doing in April/May.

    All upcoming Booster meetings and events (updated March 3, 2020):

    • April 2, 2020 at 6:30pm in a classroom TBA > next regular meeting of the IB Boosters this is also the SCPS Focus Festival night at BPHS so we will be giving them the space they need! (We will not be holding a March meeting due to spring break.)

      • Elections for the 2020-2021 board members will be held at the April meeting, with the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer up for election. If you would consider serving next year, please send an email to bpibboosters@gmail.com by March 19, 2020, indicating your interest. Candidates must be members in good standing, so if you need a membership form (right); it should be submitted by March 19 as well.

    • Information session on “ToK, EE, CAS, & IAs: What are all of these acronyms?” will follow (April 2, 7-8pm).

    • Rising Juniors “Welcome to Full IB” event on Earth Day, April 22 at 7pm – provide refreshments and/or help with setup and cleanup. (Yes, recognition of Earth Day will be a part of the event.)
    • Viva Voce Café milestone celebration (current year Juniors) tentatively scheduled for May 1* right after school – provide refreshments and/or help with setup and cleanup. (*This date is dependent on the finishing date for the students’ Extended Essays but will be in that ballpark.)
    • May 14 at 7pm Welcome to Rising 9th-Grade Pre-DP students – provide refreshments and/or attend the meeting to welcome new families and answer questions.
    • Senior Farewell luncheon (2020 full diploma candidates) on May 26 during the school day – work with the IB Coordinator to select/coordinate and order lunch and/or help with setup and cleanup.
    • Prepare graduation gowns (2020 full diploma candidates) tentatively scheduled for the evening of April 25 (we add identifying bands of ribbon to the sleeves of the robes.) This is a good time to get to know other parents with IB students.
  • IB Booster Board, 2019-20:

    President:  Jennifer Lombardo

    Vice-President: Tara Hoit

    Secretary:  Tina Maggio

    Treasurer:  Jenny Dufrene

    Membership Chair: Vacant -- we need you!