• In order to ride a bus other than the one regularly assigned, a child must have written permission from the parent. Send a note specifying which bus, where the child will be going (include a specific address), and what date(s) s/he will be riding the alternate bus. If a child is riding the bus home with a friend, we must have a note from the parents of both children giving permission. In an emergency situation, a parent may call the school to change bus arrangements. If it is not an emergency, please ahead and send a note. Dismissal changes cannot be made after 2:00pm. This allows us enough time to notify your child and their teacher of any changes in their routine.

    If a parent wishes to make a permanent bus or bus stop change, they must send a written request to the school The written request is subject to the approval of the school principal and the transportation department. Bus drivers must receive notification by the school office when approval is given to a student to make a change of this type.