• Stafford County Public Schools

    Dress Code Policy

    (Regulation 2412-R: Symbolic Expression: Appearance/Dress/Gestures)


    PURPOSE: To provide guidelines for appropriate student dress 

    Stafford County Public Schools recognizes the rights of individuals to express themselvesthrough their appearance. Accordingly, the Stafford County Public School’s dress code is intended to allow for such expression, as well as to curtail situations that would be inappropriate, unsafe, disturbing, or disruptive to the educational setting of the school. The administration reserves the right to define appropriate and inappropriate dress.

    All students will be properly dressed while attending school and school functions, including field trips. Dress should be appropriate for the activity and should not be a disruptive influence on the educational program.

    The following is a list of those clothing items that are considered unacceptable and strictly prohibited from use within the Stafford County Public Schools. The administration reserves the right to grant medical exceptions.

    Students in all grades will be prohibited from wearing:

    A. Clothing and accessories that promote alcohol, tobacco, or drug usage or which display weapons or violence and which cause or are likely to cause a disruption within the school environment.

    B. Clothing and accessories that contain vulgar, derogatory or suggestive diagrams, pictures, slogans religiously, ethnically, or sexually offensive and which cause or are likely to cause a disruption within the school environment.

    C. Clothing symbolic of gangs or disruptive groups associated with threatening behavior, harassment or discrimination and which cause or are likely to cause a disruption within the school environment.

    D. Clothing, accessories and/or any words, pictures, diagrams, etc., thereon which are lewd, vulgar, indecent, plainly offensive, or which cause or are likely to cause a material disruption.

    E. Head coverings of any kind in the building (except for religious or medical reasons). Bandanas may not be worn anywhere on one’s person.

    F. Curlers, picks, combs, or hair rakes in the hair.

    G. Sunglasses or permanently tinted glasses.

    H. Dog collars, chains, wallet chains, safety pins, spike jewelry or fishhooks worn as jewelry, accessories or ornamentation.

    I. Tank tops, tube tops, mesh tops, sheer tops, sleeveless tops, halters, or bare midriff tops. Shirts cannot have necklines that are lower than the straight line from top of underarm across to opposite underarm. Shirts must cover shoulders, must have sleeves, and must extend past the top of the pants. Display of cleavage is not permitted. Tops may not expose the midriff, and clothing must cover undergarments at all times. Note that at the elementary level, sleeveless tops and dresses are permitted providing they do not violate any other part of the dress code.

    J. Gloves in the building.

    K. Pajamas, loungewear, and dorm pants.

    L. Leggings or tight fitting type pants, pants with side slits or holes above the knees, see-through pants, tights, or leotards worn as outer garments.

    M. Sagging pants, pants worn low on the hip so as to reveal underwear or skin. Pants must be worn with both legs down (not one leg rolled up), and pants legs may not extend past the sole of the shoe. Clothing must cover undergarments at all times.

    N. Dresses, skirts, shorts, culottes, and skorts that are shorter than the extended tip of the longest finger with arms hanging naturally at the sides.

    O. Bedroom slippers, roller sneakers, or heels higher than 3 inches. Shoes must be worn at all times. Athletic shoes or closed shoes with a rubber sole should be worn for Physical Education and recess. At the elementary level, high heels, loose fitting sandals and flip flops are discouraged for safety reasons.

    P. Fringed garments in CTE areas or in Drama and Art areas which contain machinery.

    Q. Items of clothing that would impair the health and safety of the student during normal school activities.

    Violation of the student dress code will invoke the following consequences:

    The student will be required to change into a suitable garment or cover the piece of clothing that violates the dress code before returning to class.

    If the procedure outlined above is not possible, the student will be requested to contact his/her parent or guardian in order to obtain suitable clothing before returning to class.

    Violations will be documented and reported to parents.

    In addition to the above, repeated offenses of the Dress Code regulations will result in disciplinary action ranging from a minimum of a warning to a maximum of short-term suspension of 10 days or less.

    Approved by Superintendent: 07/17/08

    Amended by School Board: 06/26/12

    Readopted: 12/12/13