Licensure in Virginia

  • The primary purpose for licensing teachers and other school personnel is to maintain standards of professional competence. The responsibility for licensure is set forth in § 22.1-298.1 of the Code of Virginia, which states that the Virginia Board of Education shall prescribe by regulation the requirements for licensure of teachers.

    Conditions for Licensure

    Types of Licenses

    In order to be hired as a teacher in Stafford County Public Schools, candidates must hold a Virginia license in full force or must be eligible for a Virginia license prior to the effective employment in the appropriate teaching area. 

    Stafford County Public Schools Human Resources Office acts as a liaison with the Virginia Department of Education, Division of Teacher Education and Licensure. We assist Stafford County Public Schools’ contracted teachers and other contracted certificated school professionals to obtain and maintain valid licensure.


Current Partnerships

Current Partnerships for Licensure

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