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    NEW PROCEDURES - All colleges/universities must have signed a Stafford County Public Schools Memo of Understanding (SCPS MOU) before submitting a request form.   Click here to view the current colleges and universities that have a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with SCPS

    NEW for 2016 - 2017 School Year:  Wanda McAndrews is now the coordinator for all Classroom Clinical Placements.  You can contact Wanda McAndrews at (540) 658-6561 or by email at

    The Department of Students Services will now be placing all school counseling, school social worker, school psychologist, nurses, O.T., P.T. and speech pathologist.  The new request forms are available in the Student Services Clinical Placement box located on the right hand side of this web page.  If you have any questions regarding these placements, please contact Carol Leventhal at (540) 658-6505 or you can email her at




    Welcome to Stafford County Public Schools’ Classroom field/practicum/student teaching and Student Services’ practicum/internships website!  Our goal is to provide each future classroom teacher and Student Services provider the opportunity to work and learn from highly qualified teachers, staff members, and administrators.  Below are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding required paper work and the on-boarding process with SCPS Human Resources Department.

    Question:  “Can I call a school or staff member and set up my own placement?”

    Answer:  No, SCPS only places students on the request of their college/university.  Please contact your field placement office or your professor and have them submit a request form(s) via the online forms found on this webpage for your correct placement type.

    Question: “What should I know about turning in my required on-boarding paper work?”

    Answer:  You must turn in ALL forms in person and at one time to the SCPS Human Resources Department (HR).  If you are missing one or more of the forms, which you will receive in the online orientation presentation, SCPS HR department will not accept any of the paper work you do have completed.  SCPS HR department is located at 31 Stafford Ave., Stafford, VA 22554.  You do not need to make an appointment to turn in your on-boarding paper work and to be finger printed.  The office is open 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM Monday – Friday.  Summer hours and days may vary, please check our web site for additional information regarding hours of operation from the third week in June to third week in August.  Please allow at least 30 minutes to complete the finger print process.

    Question:  “I have already filled out the VA Department of Social Services Central Registry Release of Information Form for my college/university.  Do I need to fill this form out again for SCPS?”

    Answer:  Yes

    Question:  “I have already had a TB test/screening done at my school.  Do I need to have another TB test/screening done for SCPS?”

    Answer:  If you have a current TB test/screening less than one (1) year old, then you do not have to have the test/screening done again.  However, SCPS requires that you supply a copy of the current TB test/screening and submit it to the Human Resources Department at the time you are finger printed.

    Question:  “Will I be notified that my back ground checks have been returned and when can I contact my cooperating administrator/staff member?”

    Answer:  SCPS will notify your college/university, via email, that a cleared background check has been received.  SCPS will also attach the confirmation spreadsheet with your cooperating administrator’s/staff member’s contact information.  The email will also state that you have 12 working days to contact your cooperating administrator/staff member from the date of the email to your college/university.  If you do not contact your administrator/staff member within the 12 working days, your placement will be cancelled.  

    Question:  “I am a returning college/university student from the previous year.  Do I need to complete the required paper work and be finger printed again?”

    Answer:  If you are a returning student from the previous school year, you do not need to complete the paper work or be finger printed again.  However, you need to contact Wanda McAndrews at (540) 658-6561 or by email at to make sure that your paper work is updated for the new school year.

    Question:  “I was not able to finish my hours by the date that was given by my college/university on the request form.  Can I continue my placement with my cooperating teacher or staff member?”

    Answer:   You may continue your placement only after you have received permission from your college/university.  Your college/university must then contact SCPS and request a continuation of your placement.  If you need to continue a classroom practicum/student teaching placement, please have your college/university email Wanda McAndrews at  For Student Services practicum/internships please have your college/university email Dawn Crawford at  

    Question:  “If I have already been assigned to a cooperating teacher or staff member during a semester, and I need another placement during the same semester or for the following semester do I need to have my college/university submit another request form?”

    Answer:  Yes, your college/university needs to submit a request form for each placement you need.

    Question:  “I am a current employee (i.e. classroom teacher, substitute teacher, coach, para professional, nurse, counselor, etc.), do I have to complete the required paper work and be finger printed again?”

    Answer:   No, please contact Wanda McAndrews at (540) 658-6561 to make sure that your paper work is up to date in the Human Resources department.

    Thank you for visiting our new web page!  If you have any questions that have not been covered above, please feel free to contact Wanda McAndrews at (540) 658-6561 or by email at or Dawn Crawford at (540) 658-6505 or by email at

    We look forward to meeting you!


Cooperating Teachers for Student Teaching and Internships

  • educationowls "You can earn license renewal points for mentoring a practicum/student teacher, or counseling practicum/intern student. Look Below for step by step directions on how to receive your license renewal points in MyLearningPlan (MLP). All activities should be requested by completing the option 6 request form in MLP prior to the start of mentoring a practicum/intern/student teacher. If you have questions on how to log into MLP or about the submission of the SCPS Log form please contact Susan Rutherford in the Human Resources Department."

Resources and Forms


    Part-Time, Temporary, and Substitute Employment - Student Teaching, Internships, and Practicum
    Policy 4604
    Regulation 4604-R

    If you are current employee, including substitute and you have already competed all background checks and have been fingerprinted you are not required to do so again.

    Questions regarding field/practicum and student teaching please contact Wanda McAndrews, SCPS Coordinator of Student Placements, at 540-658-6561.

    Questions regarding Student Services field/practicum or internships please contact Carol Leventhal, SCPS Coordinator of Student Services Placements, at 540-658-6505.