It is expected that all students will ride their assigned bus. Should the need arise for the student to ride a different bus or depart at a different location, the student must bring a permission note from the parent/guardian AND parental contact must be made. If the student is requesting permission to ride a bus home with another student, both parents must submit notes that must be verified. This note must be delivered to the attendance office BEFORE school for approval. If parent contact cannot be made, the request will be denied. Appropriate phone numbers to contact parents for verification must be present on the note. Stafford County Public Schools' bus policies apply to all bus transportation, and includes field trips, activity buses, and chartered buses. Corrective actions for inappropriate behavior on buses may include the following: warning letters, parent conferences, suspension, and removal of bus transportation privileges. Student transportation privileges may be revoked by the School Administration if the student's actions or behaviors may bring harm to other bus passengers. 


    The ability to drive to school is considered a privilege. Students must purchase a parking pass ($75) and display it properly. Permits must be displayed from the rearview mirror, facing outwards so that they can easily be read.
    Driving and parking privileges are restricted and will be assigned on an “as available” basis in the following order:
    (1) members of the Senior Class,
    (2) members of the Junior Class, and
    (3) members of the Sophomore Class.
    Students must park in their designated space. Improperly or illegally parked cars will be ticketed and booted. Students must leave their cars upon arrival at school and may not return to their cars during school hours without direct permission from an administrator or staff member. Students who illegally leave school grounds during the day will have their parking permit suspended for 10 days on the first offense, in addition to an OSS as indicated in the Student Code of Conduct. Subsequent violations may result in permanent revocation of parking privileges. Parking permit fees will not be refunded.
    Vehicles parked in the underclassman parking lot must be moved before 3:00 p.m. on school days. The speed limit in the parking lot is 10 mph—squealing tires and loud music are not permitted. While on school property, the administrators reserve the right to search a student’s vehicle, if deemed necessary. Freshmen are not allowed to drive to school. Student driving privileges may be revoked at any time during the course of the year for violations of parking/driving regulations and/or misuse of the parking permit.
    After the two-week grace period, parking privileges do not exist until a parking permit has been purchased.
    A PARKING/DRIVING VIOLATION will result in the vehicle being ticketed with an adhesive sticker notifying the student they have been booted; as well as other potential consequences that may apply, including charges by the school resource officer and the suspension of driving privileges.
    Parking permits are sold after school Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 2:00-2:45 in the Main Office.
    Students must present the following information:
    1)      Driver’s license
    2)      Vehicle Registration
    3)      Parking Permit Application - You may pick one up at the school or download the form.
    Either MUST be signed by both student and parent.
    4)      $75.00 cash or check made payable to BPHS