Vision, Mission, and Goals

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    All Centuries.  All Learners.

    Our Vision:  Stafford County Public Schools is a dynamic, goal-oriented learning community committed to preparing our students for success in further education, work, and citizenship.

    Our Mission: Inspire and empower all learners to thrive.


    What We Value:

    Learners: We believe in the power of teaching and learning to develop and advance individuals and communities.

    Community: We work together in a safe, nurturing environment where everyone is valued and supported.

    Excellence: We cultivate and challenge each individual to excel through a wide range of experiences.

    Respect: We recognize and value diversity of culture and thought, treating ourselves and others with honor and dignity.

    Integrity: We are honest, open, and principled.


    Our Goals and Priorities:

    Goal 1: Student Achievement: Engage, challenge, and prepare every student for success.

    Board Priority 1.1 Define, develop, implement, and measure effective teaching practices that maximize rigor and engagement for all students in support of C5W.

    Key Strategies

    • Provide professional learning opportunities to expand capacity of staff to support students developing critical thinking, creativity, citizenship, communication and collaboration skills, and wellness across content areas.
    • Implement a learning walks classroom observation model and use aggregate data to support growth through professional learning communities.

    Board Priority 1.2 Ensure equitable access to core programs, electives, and resources.

    Key Strategies

    • Review program offerings and align core program offerings.
    • Develop and publish a core access and path guide.
    • Provide adequate resources, including staffing and materials, to ensure equitable access to core programs and electives.

    Board Priority 1.3 Close gaps in student achievement.

    Key Strategies

    • Expand support programs and use of data to assist students to access and succeed in academic offerings.
    • Ensure use of Response-to-Intervention strategies and effective collaborative teaching models across grade levels.


    Goal 2: Work Force: Recruit, develop, and retain the highest quality employees.

    Board Priority 2.1 Reduce class size based upon Board-adopted staffing goals.

    Key Strategies

    • Develop and implement a multi-year plan to meet Board-adopted staffing goals.
    • Expand class size report to include progress in meeting all funded Board-adopted staffing goals.

    Board Priority 2.2 Implement and maintain sustainable, market-based compensation and benefits models for all employee groups.

    Key Strategies

    • Expand use of market-based compensation model to additional employee groups.
    • Use adopted School Board policy to address identified compensation inequities.
    • Continue to support and align shared health care benefits.

    Board Priority 2.3 Develop and implement a division-wide master framework for professional learning and training that optimizes our work force and addresses the essential competencies and growth opportunities for all.

    Key Strategies

    • Develop and implement a comprehensive induction program for all new employees.
    • Expand professional growth opportunities for all employees.


    Goal 3: Resource Stewardship: Establish and maintain efficient, transparent, responsible oversight of resource.

    Board Priority 3.1 Complete review of recommendations from resource utilization and shared services studies, and implement data-supported recommendations.

    Key Strategies

    • Develop and implement a multi-year plan to complete review of resource utilization study recommendations, implementing data-supported recommendations.
    • Work with local government through Board-to-Board structure to identify and consider additional shared services recommendations.

    Board Priority 3.2 Implement new enterprise resource planning system and use enhanced analytics to monitor resource utilization and improve efficiency and transparency.

    Key Strategies

    • Implement enhanced monthly financial reporting (FY17) to include site, department, and program analysis as requested.
    • Provide real-time budget expenditure analysis (FY17), including position control (FY18) and budget development (FY19). 


    Goal 4: Communication: Communicate effectively at all levels.

    Board Priority 4.1 Foster and promote proactive and positive communications to ensure all stakeholders are engaged and well-informed.

    Key Strategies

    • Implement new web content management system.
    • Establish a business and community advisory committee.

    Board Priority 4.2 Develop and implement comprehensive and project-specific communication plans.

    Key Strategies

    • Implement a new comprehensive communication plan, including key messaging and division rebranding.
    • Develop and implement communication plans for C5W, strategic plan, and collaboration platform.