Vision, Mission, and Goals

  • Stafford County Public Schools Logo

    All Centuries.  All Learners.

    Our Vision:  Stafford County Public Schools is a dynamic, goal-oriented learning community committed to preparing our students for success in further education, work, and citizenship.

    Our Mission: Inspire and empower all learners to thrive.

    What We Value:

    Learners: We believe in the power of teaching and learning to develop and advance individuals and communities.

    Community: We work together in a safe, nurturing environment where everyone is valued and supported.

    Excellence: We cultivate and challenge each individual to excel through a wide range of experiences.

    Respect: We recognize and value diversity of culture and thought, treating ourselves and others with honor and dignity.

    Integrity: We are honest, open, and principled.

    Our Goals and Priorities:

  • Goal 1: Student Achievement: Engage, challenge, and prepare every student for success.

  • Goal 2: Work Force: Recruit, develop, and retain the highest quality employees.

  • Goal 3: Resource Stewardship: Establish and maintain efficient, transparent, responsible oversight of resource.

  • Goal 4: Communication: Communicate effectively at all levels.