• "Effective Communication is a human right."

    School-based Speech-Language Pathologists work with students who have challenges in communication skills which interfere in their ability to access their education.  Students must meet eligibility requirements to be found eligible as a student with a disability in order to receive speech therapy services in the schools.  Speech or language impairments may include difficulties with speech sound production, understanding and use of language, stuttering, or voice disorders.
    Speech-Language Pathologists work as a part of the collaborative school team to evaluate students for eligibility, to develop treatment goals and plans, promote access to assistive and augmentative communication when needed, and to deliver direct services to students as well as consultation services and training to teachers and staff.  Communication goals and services are based on curriculum and designed to be individualized for each students' needs in order to access their education.  Speech-Language Pathologists may also work with students who are not identified with a disability through the "Response to Intervention" program to provide tiered instruction to any student who requires additional support for speech and language skill development.  

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